Nourish; Nurture the Skin that Nature Gave You



This week I was lucky enough to have a chat with natural beauty company Nourish Skincare! I must admit their products have been on my skincare hoard hit list for quite some time after seeing them on Ethical Superstore (if you haven’t found this site yet, get on it, it’s amazing!). One of my most annoying flaws is my inability to resist good packaging and branding, so obviously Nourish is a company that certainly stuck in my mind and niggled away for a while.

I thought it would be wise to start with a bit of a background check before I get onto my product review, just because Nourish have such a great approach to skincare and I think it warrants its own post!

One thing that I consider to be hugely important about skincare products is the R&D to ensure it is suitable for our modern lifestyles, so it doesn’t just end up as a load of ingredients thrown together to sound and smell lovely, but not actually have much of a benefit to our skin. Nourish was founded by Dr Pauline Hili, who had an understanding for exactly this. She took a bit of a scientific approach to formulating the products and decided on four ranges to cover all bases, which are: Balance for combination skin, Radiance for normal skin, Relax for sensitive skin and Protect for dry skin. There are also some bolt on products, such as the Argan Collection and the Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer.

Nourish use innovative plant extracts to protect, support and stimulate our skin’s natural processes; the skincare range empowers the skin to naturally resist the signs of ageing and stimulates the production of healthy cells. Dr Hili has a belief that what you put on your skin not only affects its appearance, but also reflects in your body and mood. This means that the products contain lots of naturally enriching ingredients with plenty of health benefits – perfect! Here is a brief overview of some of these:

Balance for Combination Skin

The balance range is fortified with a vitamin and mineral blend to help support skin’s natural metabolism without over stimulating. This range purifies and tones, so skin is left refreshed and hydrated. These products contain vitamins B3,5 and 6 which all promote energised, moisturised and healthy skin function. They also have a fresh and energising apple aroma!

Protect for Dry Skin

This range contains phyto-actives which have superior antioxidant abilities as well as moisture enhancing properties to protect your skin from the hostile surroundings of pollution exposure and stress. Perfect for those city dwellers amongst you!

Radiance for Normal Skin

Radiance products are infused with alpine foxberry, which contains brightening properties and helps to even the skin tone, as well as Tonka bean extract which naturally helps to reflect light to boost your skins luminosity. This range will help skin appear healthy, youthful and bright.

Relax for Sensitive Skin

Products from the Relax range features a blend of soothing and replenishing plant extracts to care for sensitive skin and is designed to help resist damage and restore healthy skin. This range incorporates carrot, which is rich in betacarotene, helping to protect skin cells. As well as this ginger extract soothes irritation and helps protects the skin from sensitivity whilst the lavender aroma calms and soothes.


Check back for my Nourish Product review coming soon!

Nourish; Nurture the Skin that Nature Gave You