Setting the Scene with a touch of Romance…

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s definitely time to start making plans on how to make the big day extra special, whether it’s with a childhood sweetheart or a brand new partner.

There is something perfectly romantic about how candle light softens our complexion and gives us that beautiful glow, which makes candles the ultimate scene setter for a romantic evening with your loved one. I am excited to introduce Romance, the brand new candle from the Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company (IWNCC).

Anyone that follows me on Twitter will know that I’m a huge candle fan, I always have one burning, and they are always from the IWNCC. This is not only because they are a local business, but it’s also because the natural fragrances set in the soy wax somehow always manage to soothe my senses and leave me with a distinct sense of tranquility. I was so excited when they released their new fragrance, Romance, that I popped out for one right away! Here’s what I think…

Romance CandlePersian rose, ylang ylang and a hint of black pepper make up the sensual fragrance in this new candle, and I have got to say… it is incredible. There is something so precious and thoughtful about this combination that just makes it the perfect balance of soft floral fragrance with just a slight hint of masculinity, making it a failsafe gift for your Valentine this February. I truly believe that this candle would make an fantastic alternative to a bunch of flowers, as it is simply a gift that keeps on giving, leaving a lasting memory of your special evening!

All components of this gorgeous fragrance have great aromatherapeutic properties, which all contribute to setting the scene for your Valentntine’s Day…. Rose is well known for it’s natural stress relieving properties, and also works hard as an anti depressant, helping you to feel at ease on your date night (I hope)! It is also known for its aphrodisiac effect, need I say more? Ylang Ylang is known for its ability to aid relaxation and relieve any stresses you are carrying. To top this off, the black pepper gives an extra positive lift to your mood, leaving you calm and prepared for the evening ahead.

What have you got planned for Valentine’s Day this year? Will the Romance candle be making an appearance for you, too?

Setting the Scene with a touch of Romance…

Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company at Christmas!

ImageThose of you that read my Christmas Gift Guide will know I’m a huge fan of natural candles… I think they’re a bit of an unsung hero of the natural product world.

Paraffin wax is a major ingredient in most household candles, scented or not, and is a slimy waste product from the petroleum industry. When burned it produces carcinogenic chemicals, similar to the fumes released from a diesel engine (very relaxing!). It is said to be about as dangerous as second-hand cigarette smoke, and a big contributor to respiratory issues, including asthma. ANYWAY, I don’t wish to scaremonger, but that’s pretty much why I like to buy natural candles made from soy or beeswax with simple, safe fragrances derived from essential oils or something similar.

It just so happens that the Isle of Wight is home to some of the most incredible natural candles around, and it also just so happens that I know the owner of the Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company, Heather! She invited me into her workshop for a candle sniffing session, and told me all about how she makes her candles – Rosie heaven! Without going into too much detail, Heather uses a soy wax base, and works with as many essential oils to fragrance her candles as possible, using other carrier oils and safe ingredients to create a gorgeous balance of scents in her mixed-fragrance candles.

ImageSince it’s Christmas time, I was given a very thorough tour of the festive section of her workshop. Heather has worked hard to create unique festive scents for her candles, which give a much needed breather from the overbearing cinnamon and plasticy sickly sweet berry combination you seem to get in most shops. I chose the Orange, Nutmeg and Clove flavored candle, and it is absolutely divine. Heather explained that she thought it was essential to create a candle represented the ‘food of christmas’ – and this was the combination she chose (what can I say, I love Christmas food!) It has a really rich, but fresh scent all uplifted by some gorgeous orangey high notes and just a hint of nutmeg and spicy clove. Whilst burning it really does smell as though you have something delicious in the oven and creates a gorgeous homely, warm smell – I cannot get enough!

Other scents featuring in the festive collection include fresh fig, sweet roasted chestnut, strudel spice, mulled wine and many more! There is of course an extensive range of other fresh scents that can be enjoyed all year round including Rose Geranium, Tuberose and Hibiscus and my personal favorite, Sweet Lemon.

Isle of Wight Natural Candles come in 3 different sizes. Small candles burn for approximately 19 hours and cost £5.50, medium candles burn for 36 hours and cost £10.50 and large candles burn for 45 hours and cost £13.50 – all are amazing value for money and can be bought online here! There are also special offers regularly, and at the moment you can pick up four small candles for £20, providing a perfect opportunity to try a number of fragrances – it can be hard to narrow down your choice!

Do you light up natural candles too? Tell me about your favourites!

Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company at Christmas!