Sunburnt Skin Saviours

You’d think as an Islander I’d be able to cope with going to the beach for a few hours. Turns out I can’t. Me and the boyfriend hit up one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island on our day off, and in the space of a few hours I was horiffically sunburn and suffered with sun stroke for a few days. Pathetic. Needless to say I’ve been calling on a selection of skincare heroes to help me through. Here are my faves:

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Sunburnt Skin Saviours

Good Times, Bad Times.

So, you’ve all probably noticed my super duper depressing social media recently (sorry!), and it’s not really a secret anymore that earlier this week me and my fiance separated. It was a total shocker, and to be fair, neither of us saw it coming, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, eh? I obviously won’t go into detail about his decision, but I wanted to write a blog, just to help get my mind around things and hopefully one day offer some sort of comfort to those in a similar time of need.

I don’t think that anything could have prepared me for the shock to the system. There really is no pain quite like a break up, it really strikes you deep and can be both emotionally and physically painful. It is truly one of the suckiest times ever, there is no denying it. Any of you that know me personally will be aware that I suffer from depression and anxiety, which obviously amplifies all of the tough feelings and dark thoughts floating around, but this time, something insane happened, and I felt in control of my reaction. It was amazing. This leads me onto my first tip: be aware of your ‘self destruct’ mode. You know the drill. You feel like shit, so what do you do? Facebook stalk, eat pints of ice cream and blame yourself? Yeah, we all fall susceptible to a self destruct sesh, especially if you suffer with low self esteem. My advice would be to really stay conscious of your decisions, and try to pin point things you do that aren’t helpful or aiding your recovery in any way and gradually make efforts to remove these bad habits from your life. Please don’t forget to reward yourself too! It won’t be easy, but making healthy, positive decisions will put you back in the drivers seat and make the whole situation feel a little more comfortable.

Tip number two: for God’s sake do not look in magazines for advice. Jeez Louise. I made this horrendous mistake in a time of desperation and it got me down SO badly. They basically just tell you that your partner will move on, you’ll be ‘fine’, not to eat junk food and that you need to ‘talk to someone’, which although has it’s place, it really isn’t that helpful. It is such generic advice, but you can’t help but apply it to your own situation and believe every damn word they say. Please remember that this is your break up, and you need to do all you can to look after yourself. These things aren’t universal. This is one reason I decided to write this post, because it’s actually real life. This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for, so other people must do, too.

My last piece of advice for you is to really just look after yourself. Everyone keeps telling me to take this time to really consider what I want out of life, and to ‘wave the Rosie flag’. Although it may not feel possible, your break up can be on your terms. Try to see each positive decision you make as a physical step towards a healthy and happy life, and really focus your movements on the here and now. Eventually you’ll be able to see your life right in front of you again, and step into a bright new space.

This is hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. There are no words that could ever describe the love I have for my fiance, and it’s unbelievably hard to let go of hopes, dreams and plans we made together. I keep trying to remind myself that everything happens for a reason, it’s just another step of my crazay journey, but I’ll make sense of it one day. I know this isn’t goodbye though, it never can be on the Isle of Wight (seriously). To consider someone a soulmate is never exclusively sexual or romantic, I believe that we are meant to be together in life. Whether it’s as friends or partners it really doesn’t matter to me, as long as he’s around I feel complete. There’s no way I’ll ever forget him, so I’m not trying to. I’m going to get better, forever.

Me and jim jam

Good Times, Bad Times.

Getting Clean

YogaSo, this might not be what you think it is. Thankfully I am solely referring to my diet and lifestyle, no narcotics involved here people. In case you hadn’t read up already, in 2013 I got a pretty hefty diagnosis which changed my life, and me, forever. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS as I will refer to it) is a hugely common condition amongst women, in fact, it is said that 1 in 10 of us suffer. It’s a condition that contrary to the name is primarily a metabolic and hormone disorder. (If you fancy reading up then please see this website.) I decided to look down a holistic and natural route to dealing with my symptoms, and came across this AMAZING book, which was my bible for a good few months.

As you would expect, my diet has a huge impact on my symptoms, and it’s super important to avoid foods pumped full of hormones (anything produced by female animals) to keep me balanced. I’ve been wanting to get back in the game and get healthy for a few months now, but to be perfectly honest, I just haven’t had the head space to dedicate to a lifestyle change. For whatever reason, something has changed this weekend and I’m determined to clean up my act and look after myself a little better. Here are a few things that I hope will help me along the way…

Healthy Role Models

I felt completely inspired after discovering Deliciously Ella. One thing that really grinds my gears about healthy eaters is snobbery, and she has none at all. Also, if one more person tells me that all I can eat for breakfast is home made granola I may simply implode. What I love about Deliciously Ella is her simple, yet creative approach to her food. She uses minimal and easy to access ingredients, quick recipes and a no-fuss method. This makes her recipes 100% manageable for those on a budget as there aren’t a hundred million ingredients you need to buy beforehand. I’d recommend checking out her Sweet Potato Brownie recipe – they look amazing!

Go-to Recipe Books (bibles)

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As I say, samey food really gets on my nerves, so I’m on the hunt for some amazing recipe books to help my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Please please please recommend one if you have a favourite. The ones I’d like to add to my bookshelf are:

1. The Green Kitchen – as recommended by the beautiful Antonia Burrell.

2. Honestly Healthy for Life – this book really appeals to me because it has identified the lifestyle change, and isn’t aimed at fad dieters!

3. River Cottage Veg Everyday – Hugh is my hero, what more can I say?

4. Deliciously Ella – released in September, the countdown begins!

5. I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson is also a fantastic, healthy role model

6. It’s All Good – by the amazing Gwyneth Paltrow.


Doing anything without motivation is just a chore, so I’m looking for things to keep me grounded and interested. I’ve started Yoga again, which is amazing for reminding me on a weekly basis why it’s important to love my body. Also surrounding myself with lovely blogs and websites to check in on makes for good inspiration, I got really stuck in to Hip & Healthy the other day. Plenty of good reading there, and a fab beauty section, too.

I may well keep you posted on my progress, and share some occasional recipes, to be honest I could do with the pressure! Please share any recipes with me, and tell me about your health stories too! I’ll leave you with a couple of health tips to keep you going:

  • Craving sugar or salt? A deficiency in zinc can make you long for these flavours, so make sure you load up on foods such as spinach, pumpkin seeds and nuts to replenish your supply! (Please consult a doctor before making any major changes, though!)
  • If you’re struggling to gather energy from your food, you could be deficient in certain B vitamins. I started taking a Vitamin B complex which has helped me to stay feeling a little more energised.
  • Reduce your caffeine & sugar intake. I know everyone harps on about this ALL THE TIME, but it is for such good reason. You know that 3 o’clock hunger and energy crash? Yeah, it’s those two nasties playing games with your mind. Try to aim for low GI/GL foods, especially for lunch & breakfast and you should beat it for good.
Getting Clean