Surprise, surprise

Extreme Length Mascara 1

You know when you try a product and have rock bottom expectations? When I unwrapped a No 7 gift set at Christmas, I have to hold my hands up and say snobbery got the better of me and I was not expecting miracles. But when my beloved Eye of Horus mascara reached a bitter end, I found myself sceptically reaching for the No 7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara, and I’m happy to say I’m eating my words…

I don’t know why I had such low expectations of No 7. I guess when you work in the beauty industry you get so spoilt with all of the show-stopping products with never-heard-before ingredients you forget about the day-to-day hero brands.

I often struggle to find a mascara that doesn’t take ages to dry (leaving you that delightful stick every time you blink) and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I have quite sensitive eyes, and most mascaras leave me pulling out my lashes by lunchtime, hence why I have dodged it for so long…

Extreme Length Mascara 2First things first – the wand is absolutely brilliant. As you can see from the pictures it doesn’t have traditional bristles, but a rubber brush that separates lashes leaving absolutely no clumps, whilst helping you get to those hard-to-reach places without jabbing yourself in the eye. Also, the formula is super creamy, and has the most amazing buildability (definitely a word). One sweep will leave your lashes looking defined, but the next adds so much more length and volume.

What’s more, it’s only £12.50 and you can collect (or spend) those precious Boots Points whilst you shop. Also, let’s not forget that there’s almost always a £5 voucher floating around, so I might wait until then to top up. I only have the dinky travel size version, but it won’t be long before I purchase the full size. My only gripe is that it’s a little hard to remove, so I might see how I get along with the non-waterproof version next time.

Which products have surprised you lately?

Surprise, surprise

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