Where have I been?


Okay, so this feels weird. It has been almost a year since I last sat down and poured my thoughts into a blog post. Why? You know those times when you get so wrapped up in your own mind that it becomes completely debilitating? When you continually compare yourself to others to the point where you have no idea how to even get started? Yeah, that.

So why have I come back? Because I never stopped wanting to blog. Each time I slathered on a new skincare product, or picked up an old favourite from my makeup stash I still started to write a post in my mind. How does it apply? Is it worth the money? How does it look on the shelf? So I’m giving it another shot.

In terms of catching up, I better start with the big life changes. I’ve moved house, changed job and essentially transformed my entire life. I finally plucked up the courage to sail away from the Isle of Wight and plonk myself right into city life. So not only am I typing this in my gorgeous new flat in London after cycling around Victoria Park all afternoon with my best friend come flatmate, I’m also preparing myself for the week ahead at a new job (which I’ll keep a secret for now). Gone are the 16 hour working days, and weeks where I don’t step outside my front door; and in their place is a much more vibrant, sociable and positive existence.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved my previous job, and coming home to my fiancé every day, plus having the stunning jurassic coast on my doorstep wasn’t too bad, but the sad fact is I was lonely. It was time to step outside my comfort zone.

With all these changes under my belt, it’s time for my blog to take a new direction too. Although beauty will still feature heavily, I’ve decided to gradually expand Botanic Purity’s horizons, and be more inclusive of my actual life, simply because that’s what I look for in a blog.

Here’s to a new beginning…

Where have I been?

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