Faking a summer glow

Clarins_Body_Glow_GroupDELIGHTFUL summer weather today.

I honestly feel like this season July is not okay, so just like the rest of us brits, I’m faking my summer glow this year.

Let’s set the scene… I don’t think I’ve ever been tanned in my life. For a good 10 years my legs didn’t see any sunlight at all (I eventually learnt to say ‘fuck it’ to my crippling insecurity), and I’m one of those people that just burns, then returns to my natural ’00’ hue. So when I saw Ruth of A Model Recommends rave about the Clarins Radiance Plus Body Golden Glow Booster (£26), I fancied myself a little touch of colour and rushed to get some… after all, I fly out to Morocco for 10 days in a few weeks, and I figured it would be embarrassing if I have to bare my bikini body (who am I kidding?) with my usual pale skin – I think the reflection would blind everyone on the beach – I’m doing people a favour!

Clarins_Body_Glow_Close_UpThis is quite a unique tanning product, and comes in the form of an oil that you mix in with your favourite moisturiser to avoid the dodgy fake tan smell, whilst actually hydrating your skin, AND it dries as quickly as the moisturiser absorbs… winner! What’s more, you can also choose the degree of glow you like, and add between 4 – 6 drops per body area. I’ve opted for the full blown 6 almost every time, but if you have any degree of tan I’d go for a 4 and see how you go. It’s worth mentioning that I’ve paired with the Liz Earle Tiare & Jasmine Silky Body Lotion (£15.25), which I’m not going to rave about because… well, it’s not that good – I just couldn’t justify buying another body moisturiser, but when this one runs out I think I’ll opt for a ‘firming’ option – kill two birds with one stone, right?

So the results? Great! They aren’t mind blowingly amazing, but I can notice a difference in colour, even after the first use. My ‘glow’ seems to have hit a plateau right now, but I think it’s just because I’ve been super slack at applying it regularly, and exfoliating which of course promotes an even colour. To be honest, I think this will come into its own when it comes to maintaining a tan when I return from Morocco (hopefully with a hint of colour!)

It’s worth noting that there’s also a face version that you can pick up for £18, but I’m not that brave, and do actually have to leave the house daily, but I would definitely recommend giving the body one a go! I use this at least once or twice a week, and have barely used a quarter of the bottle, so don’t be put off by the mere 30ml size.

How do you get your sun-kissed glow?

Faking a summer glow

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