CHANEL Perfection Lumiére Velvet Smooth Foundation

ChanelI have officially made it in life and own an item of Chanel makeup. I have to admit that I’ve been obsessed with Chanel since I was about 13 and had just started high school. I remember my teacher wore the Coco Mademoiselle perfume and she was so glamourous… I wanted that for myself! So it only seems fit that 8 years later (wtf how old even am I?!) I treated myself to my first item of Chanel makeup, and this is not what I expected it to be!

I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis, in fact, I only really slap it on once or twice a month on a really special occasion. For this reason I feel as though I can justify all of my purchases being of this calibre from now on, right? (Back me up here.) I think I’ve only ever owned maybe two foundations, but this one really caught my eye. Wierdly, I agreed to the counter assistant doing my makeup and was actually amazed at how well the foundation went on and didn’t make my face feel clammy, greasy, cakey, slimey and all the rest…

The coverage of this foundation I would say is light to medium, but is probably quite buildable as it’s such a natural-looking product. I only use a tiny bit really as I just want it to even out my complexion, if I want blemishes covered I rely on a good concealer (my fave at the mo is this Green People one – it’s so good and only £7.95!). This product literally feels like silk going onto the skin, it is SO dreamy. It has an insane cream-to-powder formula, and leaves the skin in a perfect balance between dewey and fresh and matt. If you had pretty flawless skin (and by that I mean no spots) then this would probably leave you looking air brushed.

This is an incredibly lightweight fluid, and is absolutely perfect for combination/oily skin as it doesn’t crease, smudge or slide off your face when you least expect it. I know at £33 it isn’t cheap, but it’s such good quality. I actually wore this in sweaty September London and was fully prepared to look a state at the end of the day, but it still looked flawless, winner! Oh, did I mention it also has SPF 15?

So if you fancy treating a new foundation, make it this little number and discover more here. Let me know what you think!

CHANEL Perfection Lumiére Velvet Smooth Foundation

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