Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser


They’re back. It didn’t take long before Nourish re-appeared on the blog, and with yet another new release! Seriously, these guys are on fire. This time I’m talking about their Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser* (£16.50), which hit the shelves on the 1st September with a bang.

The new addition to their wonderous skincare collection is a fabulous multi-tasking product, that doesn’t just act as your gentle daily cleanser, but a weekly facial and daily mask, too! This product is said to act as an ‘Urban Armour’ for the skin, thanks to its wonderful natural actives that help to protect against environmental stress and a whole host of other common skincare issues. And this product really is natural – it has a wonderful thick, buttery consistency and is a pale green colour (thanks to the kale one would assume) – it also has no unnecessary false fragrance, just the natural goodness from its ingredients.

Packed inside this little 50ml tube is: Pomegranate Enzyme, which works as a natural skin rejuvenator as it exfoliates and provides a potent dose of anti-oxidants, Kale Extract which improves suppleness and eases redness and smoothes fine lines, Griffonia Extract which immediately lifts the skin to reduce fine lines – its blend of carbohydrates provides a defence mechanism to protect your skin against environmental stress (clever) and the superhero of the moment, Argan Oil, which of course nourishes and hydrates your skin, whilst also giving you some degree of sun protection (still wear sunscreen though, obvs) and it also helps repair tissue to reduce scarring and inflammation. Is that enough for you?

So, does it work? Let’s not beat around the bush, that is one hell of a lot of claims, most of which are lived up to. I’ve got to say though, claims such as ‘lifting the skin’, ‘repairing tissue’ and ‘protection from environmental stress’ aren’t exactly things I can measure. Whilst I’m sure this product would make a tremendous difference to my skin over (a long) time, I just can’t comment on those points yet. I CAN however confirm that after using it as a weekly facial it instantly made a dramatic difference to the appearance of my skin (which is what we care about, right?) – I was glowing, my redness and scarring appeared reduced and my skin tone was even. Seriously, I hardly ever see my skin looking that great – it also felt ridiculously soft. Win! I also love it as a daily cleanser, but for me, the results were the best after using it as a weekly mask, and that’s how I will continue to enjoy it!

Top tip: when using as part of a weekly facial, try loosening the formula before removal with a luxurious cleansing oil to feel super spesh.

Would I recommend it? As a facial, oui oui! What do you think of this super duper product, have you tried it yet?

Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser

8 thoughts on “Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser

  1. I love the Nourish products and this sounds amazing, well reviewed! Frequent exfoliation, reduction in redness and acne scaring are exactly what my skin needs. I know what my next product on my blog will be now ;0)

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