Festival SOS: The Recovery


Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. Festival season is SO over, Bestival was ages ago, yada ya… and yes, you are correct, BUT I’m only just about returning to normality after one of the most cray weekends of my life. I returned from Bestival a fraction of the person I once was, but with a heart full of love and a head full of some incredible memories. It’s no doubt that festivals take it out of you (more so as we age it would seem!), so it’s important to treat your body (and mind!) to some much-needed TLC once you return home. I’ve been calling on the following products to nurse myself back to health!

Antonia Burrell Cleansing Oil – £39.50 100ml

Now, I’ve already written a review on this one, but I simply had to mention it! I have to admit that each day during bestival I did pop home for a shower, and each time I had to treat myself to some of this cleansing oil. The aromas were exactly what I needed to encourage me to keep going, even when I quite frankly felt like passing out in my bed! I couldn’t recommend this enough, it’s my favourite cleanser ever!

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial – £32

A super exciting new launch by REN! This little beauty has been much anticipated since the beginning of the year, and has finally launched in all its glory! This was the perfect tool for me on Monday to just clear out my pores of all the grime accumulated over the weekend, and leave my complexion looking fresh in just 60 seconds. The water activated vitamin C revives even the most dull complexion to reveal a truly radiant glow – and it’s super fun to use! I definitely recommend – check it out here.

Bathing Beauty POP, SOCK and Sweet Orange Lip SlickPop sock and lipslick

There is no denying it, your feet undoubtedly suffer the most during a festival. Although Bestival is relatively small compared to Glastonbury, you still cover a good few miles walking, and god knows how much dancing! The Bathing Beauty POP and SOCK form a dynamic duo to soothe and regenerate tired feet and deeply nourish the skin back to its old self (only better!)

POP* (£2.40) is an effervescent fizzy tab that you drop into a bowl of warm water to soak your feet in. It contains peppermint and tea tree essential oils, which refresh and cleanse, and witch hazel to tone the skin, as well as peach kernel oil which rejuvenates. I sprained my ankle on the Thursday (good timing Rosie) so it felt unbelievably good to get home and soak my feet to ease the pain (and blisters!) and ensure my feet were squeaky clean! I follow this with the gorgeous SOCK* (£8.95), which is an all-natural foot balm that is so soothing and refreshing, and smells AMAZING. After using POP, this balm soaks in quickly and you can just feel it feeding your skin with all kinds of nutrients. After using them both, I pop on my little Botanics cotton sockies and rest up!

I also find that my lips show the tell-tale signs after a weekend of sheer body abuse, so I’ve been turning to my Sweet Orange Lip Slick, which smells insanely good and helps to uplift my spirits! This is a super nourishing lip balm that comes in a nifty slide tin that I love. I have been lucky enough to try this one before it has launched online, so keep an eye on the Bathing Beauty website for the launch – I urge you to treat yourself as soon as you can!

Lola’s Apothecary Body & Bath Oils

This brand is beyond luscious, it’s just sheer indulgence – definitely check them out. I’m loving their gorgeous Rose & Neroli body oil for nourishing my skin back to good health post-abuse. It’s perfect to smooth on before bed (and probably light enough for daytime use too!) whilst the gentle scent lulls you off into dreamy land. Also, how gorgeous is their website?! Very.

Which products do you turn to in times of need?

Festival SOS: The Recovery

2 thoughts on “Festival SOS: The Recovery

  1. Haha great post Rosie I know exactly what you mean about post-Bestival recovery needs! We didn’t go this year for the first year ever but this post brought it all back, nice touch with the daily home showers! Hope you’re fully back to normal now and happy to hear you had such a great time 🙂 xx

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