Organic Beauty Week Fave: Pink’s Boutique Organic Pedicure Set

I’m a little late to the Organic Beauty Week party, but since September is Organic Beauty Month, I’m being a trend-setter (ahem) and keeping the theme going for the rest of my reviews.


First up is my favourite. I was kindly sent this Organic Pedicure Set by the gorgeous Pink’s Boutique (more reviews here) as I knew I’d be in serious need as soon as Bestival was over. This is a really well thought-out set, and I’ve really enjoyed using it so much, here’s what’s inside…

Foot Soak – 0.75% Organic (you can’t get organic salt!)

So, I’ve got to admit that I have never soaked my feet before (I know I know), so when I first tried this I was a complete idiot and ran the water in the bath, and then just stood there like a pillock like ‘yep, soaking my feet’ for five minutes. Then my sister told me you’re supposed to use a washing up bowl, which makes so much more sense… I even bought one especially for this! The foot soak normally retails at £15.50 for 125g, and considering I got 2 uses out of my 6g sample, I think that’s a very reasonable price! It uses Himalayan rock salt soak infused with essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender as well as some vitamin E for good measure. The soak is really relaxing and really makes your feet feel so fresh – you could even use the soak as a scrub if you’re going all out. It’s great for reducing swelling and has anti-bacterial properties to help keep you squeaky clean, the salt is also very nutritious for tired skin as it contains 84 of the 92 minerals known to man – whoa!

Top tip: if you work at home, soak your feet whilst you catch up on your emails – hello at-work pamper!

Foot Balm – 89% Organic

After you’re done soaking away and probably resemble some kind of dried fruit, you dry your feet off and massage in some of the uh-mazing Pink’s Boutique Foot Balm. This is probably one of my favourite products from the whole set… The rich shea butter just melts into the skin, and once you start to massage, the aromas of peppermint and geranium are released and it’s just such a gorgeous ‘experience’ product (you get me?) – I would definitely recommend! This normally retails at £21 for 50g, but you need about a pea sized amount so it will last ages. You can also get it in this lovely gift set – perfect for anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet!


Himilayan Massage Oil – 99% Organic

Next up in your little ritual is a little leg massage with the invigorating oil. It smells divine and boasts anti-oxidant rich ingredients, perfect for a little de-stress session at the end of the week! Nothing leaves no residue on  my skin, but this one comes pretty close – it’s so lovely and just feels so nourishing! It’s £29.00 for 100ml.

Organic Cuticle Oil – 99% Organic

The final stage! This little beauty is one of the best cuticle oils I’ve ever used. I tend to get really dry cuticles on my hands that crack, tear and become really painful (you know what I mean?) so this was a god-send. This oil is rich in bio-actives and vitamin E, which soften cuticles and deliver results both instantly and over time. The rosa mosqueta regenerates the skin as it delivers those essential fatty acids that help build cell membranes – no more gross cuticles – yay! Once you’ve massaged this in, pop on some little cotton socks – I use the Boots Botanics ones – and leave all of the organic goodness to get to work.

Wild Peppermint & Eucalyptus Elixir – 100% Organic

I thought this was such a thoughtful addition to the little set! This sweet little linen & room spray gives a lovely fresh scent to the room, and really adds to the pampering feel of the treatment. My only little bug with this is that the sample spray wasn’t really a ‘mist’ so you have really concentrated patches of fragrance – you couldn’t use it as a room spray! I would probably buy a full size one of these as I’ve been on the hunt for one for a couple of months now. I couldn’t find this one on the website, but there are a couple more up for grabs that sound delish!

This little routine has been so good for me lately as I sprained my ankle during my Bestival antics so it’s been an absolute god-send to reduce the swelling and to look after my feet a little better! All of these products can be bought for just £20 in this little try me set, so why not treat yourself? What have you enjoyed over Organic Beauty Week?

Organic Beauty Week Fave: Pink’s Boutique Organic Pedicure Set

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