Percy & Reed Superglossing Hair Mask

How is it even June already? I can’t even believe how quickly this weekend has come around, let alone that we are now half way through 2014 already. Madness. Another Sunday means another blog for me, and it’s always something I look forward to settling down to do. Today I’m reviewing the Percy & Reed Brilliantly Beautiful Superglossing Hair Mask (bit of a mouthful!)

This was actually a winning TK Maxx find, which is both amazing, but also super sucky because I think Percy & Reed have discontinued it! (Please correct me if I’m wrong) I can’t seem to find it on their website, but various other places like Beauty Bay still seem to be stocking it.


I have wanted to try Percy & Reed stuff for quite some time, their branding really, really appeals to me, and I do love a good hair product. I’ve had an obsession with getting glossy hair for quite some time after a serious case of hair envy, so have been trialling various different things, so naturally I was so excited when I saw this one going cheap in TK Maxx. What I love about this hair mask is that there’s no funny business, you literally just put it on after shampooing for 3 minutes, then rinse off in the shower. No awkward waiting times or weird rituals to worry about, which is perfect for me because it means I can use this before work if I want to without making myself super late! 

It’s a bit of a funny texture, it kind of feels a bit squeaky, and like it’s not going to absorb into your hair. I was surprised by how much you need to use, and once you’ve rinsed it away you hair does feel like it would be easily tangled, so I always follow it with conditioner for super soft locks. I have got to say, the results are really good. This hair mask delivers exactly the kind of hair I want, fluffy, soft and manageable. No tangles within a million miles – praise the lawd. It is perfect for long hair, and even leaves my (kinda) dull blonde hair with a nice shine to it. It’s also quite a light product, and doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it oily or greasy – perfecto! I do really love this product, and why wouldn’t I for £4.99?! For £18.00 though, I’m not so sure I’m afraid. For the amount you need to use, I’m not sure I could justify such a huge spend on a hair product. It would be great if you have short hair and don’t need a lot, but for my hair it would just run out so quickly. That being said, I do only use this occasionally, so it has lasted a good few months.

I definitely want to try more from Percy & Reed, and will look into some of their daily hair care products for sure! What are your favourite products by them? Make sure you leave a link to any reviews in the comments as I’d love to read more about them!

Percy & Reed Superglossing Hair Mask

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