Festival SOS: The Prep

Living on the Isle of Wight has its perks, we are treated to two of the best UK festivals, and with the Isle of Wight Festival drawing to a close today, we say goodbye to all of the festival go-ers that double our population for the weekend (yes really).

Bestival 13


I go to Bestival every year when I can – it’s such a magical fairytale world full of fantasy fun times. Some of my best memories are shared with this festival… from my fiance having to disrobe in front of an audience at Gay Bingo, to getting down to Karauke, it just never disappoints, but there is no denying that a festival takes up so much effort in the build up, so I thought I’d share my best hints, tips and tricks for the festival virgins amongst you!

First up is the prep… considering it’s only three or four days of your life, the preparation required is insane. From pruning to packing, there’s plenty to think about, so read on for my best tips to prepare for your festival weekend!


1. Write lists… and lots of them!

Who doesn’t love a good list? I ALWAYS make sure I work from an essentials check list when I’m packing – there is little room for error as most festivals are slap bang in the middle of nowhere, and the last thing you want to do is shell out at Festival prices for essentials! There are some great festival checklists online – check this one out for a starter. Organise all of your stuff together before buying your rucksack to make sure you buy the right size. Don’t forget you’ll need to get your sleeping bag in there too. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you also only have two hands!

2. Pack light.

This may seem contrary to my above point, but seriously, do NOT underestimate the amount of walking and carrying you will need to do – most festival sites are a couple of miles across. If you can afford to, buy your meals on site and just pack high energy snacks (I’d advise Bounce Balls or Trek Bars), avoid an air bed, and for god’s sake please check how much alcohol you’re allowed to take in! Lots of festivals this year are limiting you to 1 crate per person (lol), so don’t waste your energy lugging a million crates in the queue just to have to abandon them at the gate. Also please bear in mind that once you enter, you’re not allowed to go back in with more booze – rubbish!

3. Be Realistic.

Are you really going to care how your make up looks? NO ONE looks their best at a festival, so keep any cosmetics to a minimum if you can, you don’t want to risk losing it all or having it all smashed up in your bag! My advice is to just go bare faced the whole weekend, bar face paint of course!

4. Plan Ahead.

4 days in a field with no showers makes shaving a lil tricky. My advice would be to get pruned before you go and get waxed. You’ll feel cleaner and it’s one less thing to worry about! If you’re London-based hit up Ministry of Waxing! Otherwise, just let yourself not care – no one else does!

Bestival Collage.jpg

5. Do not even consider a pop-up tent.

We all love to think that we’ll be chilling in the sunshine with a pint in hand, but if the worst happens and you’re stuck in quagmire the whole weekend, the last think you want is a pop-up tent. Trust me. They aren’t double lined so the rain just flows freely though them. Invest in a tent with a little porch for muddy wellies to keep your sleeping area clean, and with a separate little sleeping pod – something like this. This is going to be your home for the weekend after all. If there’s a big bunch of you going, I’d suggest clubbing together and getting a huge tent with a communal area that you can stand up in for comfort. ALWAYS read tent reviews before you buy.

6. Ditch the designer.

I know all of these fashion websites try to sell you all of this ‘festival chic’ style, but really, try not to give a crap. Accept that the clothes you take might get ruined if it’s muddy and rainy. Just be comfortable. I recommend leggings, t-shirts and hoodies. NOT JEANS. Seriously if they get wet you will regret that decision – I learnt the hard way.

7. Don’t underestimate how cold you’ll be.

Beer jacket dependant of course… the nights do get very cold at festivals. Bestival 2012 was around 30 degrees in the day, but come the night time freezing fog set in and we ended up going to watch a fire show just to keep warm! Denim hot pants might seem like a good idea, but think about having to party all night outside!

8. Stay street smart.

Although festivals seem cuddly and friendly, crime does still exist. I remember being sat in the welfare tent once and someone came in with like a bin bag full of wallets that had been gutted and dumped. Most festivals have lockers, and I highly recommend this if you’ve travelled a long way to keep your train/ferry/bus tickets in – especially if it’s rainy! Always leave your tent in a mess so it’s harder for any burglars to steal from you.

9. Think about your return.

I always make sure I make my bed and tidy my house before I go to a festival. You are SO exhausted when you get home, the last thing you want to worry about is a messy house. Always make sure you’ve got food in and a clean bath to jump into!

10. Get a shit phone.

iPhones are not your friend. Get a £10 phone on a contract – the battery lasts for like 2 weeks and you never know when you’ll need it. If you’re worried about taking pictures, just take a cheapo digital camera or disposable ones, they’re just as fun! Or just don’t be a tool and take pictures at gigs, everyone hates that 😉

11. Bonus tip… pack LOADS of glitter.

Need I say more? It’s the best. Mix it with your suncream and it stays on all day and you look like a beautiful fairy.

This is me about four years ago with my home made cape and glittery wig inherited from a stranger. See what I mean about not caring what you look like?
This is me about four years ago with my home made cape and glittery wig inherited from a stranger. See what I mean about not caring what you look like?

Although I am pretty sure I sound like a fun ruiner, these are all things I have learnt from experience! You will have the most amazing time if you’re well prepared – festivals aren’t like holidays, it’s completely possible to forget about the real world for a whole weekend.

Next weekend I’ll let ya know my best tips and product recommendations for the weekend itself!

What festivals are you off to this year? Share your top tips too!

Festival SOS: The Prep

The London Tea Club Subscription

A bit of a change of scenery from the usual make up and skincare posts.. I just had to share this with you! Around a month ago I was absolutely beside myself when I discovered a tea subscription service by the London Tea Club. I just couldn’t say no.

The only downside to discovering this box when I did is that I had to wait nearly three weeks until my box actually arrived, it nearly killed me (dramatic enough for you?), but I made it, and this is what was inside…


The box itself was super cute – it was a lot smaller than I expected, they did a good job to cram everything in! I got 3 tea samples, a welcome letter (hand signed by the owner – nice touch), some little info cards about each of the samples, a recipe, a sample of this gorgeous Lola’s Apothecary Body Oil (review coming soon) and some genius DIY tea bags, which mean you can pack up your loose leaf and take it into work with you!

The process is really easy, you just sign up here and tell them a bit about yourself (with no boring forms!) and then they pick some surprise teas for you. Simple as pie. In my first box I got: Chocolate Mint, Jasmine Green and Sencha teas – I couldn’t have been happier!

The Chocolate Mint tea is where I started – I just could NOT resist after smelling it. It smells like after eight mints, and is just amazing. Once brewed it isn’t sickly or artificially sweetened, it is light and delicate, with the most perfect balance of flavour. The mint isn’t too herbal, and the chocolate isn’t… well, gross! Every time I have tried chocolate tea in the past I’ve been repulsed, but this was something else. It was delicious, and I’m going to order some more soon!



Jasmine Green Tea is one of my all time favourite teas. I got into it after my obsession with jasmine fragrance, and just randomly saw it in a health food shop and bought some on a whim. I had no idea how famous it was (perks of living on the IOW – you live under a rock), but just fell in love. I’ve only tried this one once from my tea box, but really liked it. For me the jasmine wasn’t quite strong enough, but I probably do like it a little stronger than most. I did drink some after letting it brew for ages and would advised against it.. my god it was pokey! Definitely only leave this one to steep for the 3 minutes advised!

The Sencha Tea I have only tried once again, but I have got to say I absolutely loved it! I don’t normally like plain green tea, but again this one was so delicate and fragrant – it was sooo good. Sencha tea originates from Japan, and is a gorgeous pale golden colour once brewed, it is supposed to be comparable in health benefits to Matcha, but at a fraction of the price tag. I was really glad I was introduced, because it is something I would drink again, although I have to say I can’t see it becoming an everyday tea for me, just for a special occasion.

One thing I love about this box is the DIY tea bags they provide. They are just little tea bags with a drawstring top (see below) that you can fill up with your favourite loose leaf teas to drink on-the-go. I haven’t got to try them yet as I’ve been working from home this week and have been enjoying pots throughout the day, but will definitely pack up a few to take into work. Such a cute and practical idea!



I would 100% recommend The London Tea Club! For just £10 per month and the amount you get, the value for money is great, and the customer service is fantastic! You can check out their website here, and their Facebook here for their offers.

The London Tea Club Subscription

Percy & Reed Superglossing Hair Mask

How is it even June already? I can’t even believe how quickly this weekend has come around, let alone that we are now half way through 2014 already. Madness. Another Sunday means another blog for me, and it’s always something I look forward to settling down to do. Today I’m reviewing the Percy & Reed Brilliantly Beautiful Superglossing Hair Mask (bit of a mouthful!)

This was actually a winning TK Maxx find, which is both amazing, but also super sucky because I think Percy & Reed have discontinued it! (Please correct me if I’m wrong) I can’t seem to find it on their website, but various other places like Beauty Bay still seem to be stocking it.


I have wanted to try Percy & Reed stuff for quite some time, their branding really, really appeals to me, and I do love a good hair product. I’ve had an obsession with getting glossy hair for quite some time after a serious case of hair envy, so have been trialling various different things, so naturally I was so excited when I saw this one going cheap in TK Maxx. What I love about this hair mask is that there’s no funny business, you literally just put it on after shampooing for 3 minutes, then rinse off in the shower. No awkward waiting times or weird rituals to worry about, which is perfect for me because it means I can use this before work if I want to without making myself super late! 

It’s a bit of a funny texture, it kind of feels a bit squeaky, and like it’s not going to absorb into your hair. I was surprised by how much you need to use, and once you’ve rinsed it away you hair does feel like it would be easily tangled, so I always follow it with conditioner for super soft locks. I have got to say, the results are really good. This hair mask delivers exactly the kind of hair I want, fluffy, soft and manageable. No tangles within a million miles – praise the lawd. It is perfect for long hair, and even leaves my (kinda) dull blonde hair with a nice shine to it. It’s also quite a light product, and doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it oily or greasy – perfecto! I do really love this product, and why wouldn’t I for £4.99?! For £18.00 though, I’m not so sure I’m afraid. For the amount you need to use, I’m not sure I could justify such a huge spend on a hair product. It would be great if you have short hair and don’t need a lot, but for my hair it would just run out so quickly. That being said, I do only use this occasionally, so it has lasted a good few months.

I definitely want to try more from Percy & Reed, and will look into some of their daily hair care products for sure! What are your favourite products by them? Make sure you leave a link to any reviews in the comments as I’d love to read more about them!

Percy & Reed Superglossing Hair Mask