I’m lusting after…

There always feels like a never-ending wish list stacking up in my brain… and that’s probably because there is. Beauty blogging always comes with its consequences, reading everyones lovely posts about products they’ve used and love just throws me head first into a world of temptation. Here are some products I’m lusting after this week!

Paul & Joe Face Powder – £28.00

Paul and Joe










Just look at it… it’s so beautiful. I can’t tell if I want this product so much because it’s a combination of my favourite colours or because of the product itself. Who cares!?

BareMinerals Serene Eyeshadow – £14.00











I’ve just started my hunt for make up and fell in love with this lovely nude shade with a touch of sparkle. All of the BareMinerals eyeshadows come out so nicely – definitely one for the wish list!

Pinks Boutique Rose Crystal Bath Soak – £25.00

Bath Soak









I love the sound of this bath soak. Pink Himalayan minerals blended with rose essential oils to assist with skin healing and softening, muscle relaxing and the balance of our skins pH. Yes please.


New Recipe Books!

Green Kitchen








For any of you that missed my post, I’m trying to eat a little better. It can sometimes be tricky knowing where to start and what to eat according to your body, so I’m in desperate need of some inspiration!

I’m lusting after…

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