Good Times, Bad Times.

So, you’ve all probably noticed my super duper depressing social media recently (sorry!), and it’s not really a secret anymore that earlier this week me and my fiance separated. It was a total shocker, and to be fair, neither of us saw it coming, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, eh? I obviously won’t go into detail about his decision, but I wanted to write a blog, just to help get my mind around things and hopefully one day offer some sort of comfort to those in a similar time of need.

I don’t think that anything could have prepared me for the shock to the system. There really is no pain quite like a break up, it really strikes you deep and can be both emotionally and physically painful. It is truly one of the suckiest times ever, there is no denying it. Any of you that know me personally will be aware that I suffer from depression and anxiety, which obviously amplifies all of the tough feelings and dark thoughts floating around, but this time, something insane happened, and I felt in control of my reaction. It was amazing. This leads me onto my first tip: be aware of your ‘self destruct’ mode. You know the drill. You feel like shit, so what do you do? Facebook stalk, eat pints of ice cream and blame yourself? Yeah, we all fall susceptible to a self destruct sesh, especially if you suffer with low self esteem. My advice would be to really stay conscious of your decisions, and try to pin point things you do that aren’t helpful or aiding your recovery in any way and gradually make efforts to remove these bad habits from your life. Please don’t forget to reward yourself too! It won’t be easy, but making healthy, positive decisions will put you back in the drivers seat and make the whole situation feel a little more comfortable.

Tip number two: for God’s sake do not look in magazines for advice. Jeez Louise. I made this horrendous mistake in a time of desperation and it got me down SO badly. They basically just tell you that your partner will move on, you’ll be ‘fine’, not to eat junk food and that you need to ‘talk to someone’, which although has it’s place, it really isn’t that helpful. It is such generic advice, but you can’t help but apply it to your own situation and believe every damn word they say. Please remember that this is your break up, and you need to do all you can to look after yourself. These things aren’t universal. This is one reason I decided to write this post, because it’s actually real life. This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for, so other people must do, too.

My last piece of advice for you is to really just look after yourself. Everyone keeps telling me to take this time to really consider what I want out of life, and to ‘wave the Rosie flag’. Although it may not feel possible, your break up can be on your terms. Try to see each positive decision you make as a physical step towards a healthy and happy life, and really focus your movements on the here and now. Eventually you’ll be able to see your life right in front of you again, and step into a bright new space.

This is hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. There are no words that could ever describe the love I have for my fiance, and it’s unbelievably hard to let go of hopes, dreams and plans we made together. I keep trying to remind myself that everything happens for a reason, it’s just another step of my crazay journey, but I’ll make sense of it one day. I know this isn’t goodbye though, it never can be on the Isle of Wight (seriously). To consider someone a soulmate is never exclusively sexual or romantic, I believe that we are meant to be together in life. Whether it’s as friends or partners it really doesn’t matter to me, as long as he’s around I feel complete. There’s no way I’ll ever forget him, so I’m not trying to. I’m going to get better, forever.

Me and jim jam

Good Times, Bad Times.

Introducing STEAMCREAM

There is little I prefer doing than blogging from my super cosy bed with my fairy lights on (they are in the shape of beach huts it’s amazing). I’m so glad I’ve finally managed some down-time… even if it is at half past ten on a Sunday night! Apologies for my sparse reviews, it really isn’t because I don’t love you all, it’s simply because life is pretty cray right now, but I promise to up my game sooner or later. It is in these times of desperation that I call on my favourite multi-tasking beauty products, and STEAMCREAM has got to be my favourite of all time.


Now, I want to be clear upfront and say that I found out about STEAMCREAM by working with them, but I have just fallen in love. The ethos, ingredients and design are all right up my street, and I just can’t get enough. It’s also worth noting that I buy my own and all thoughts are 100% my own, too!

STEAMCREAM (RRP £12.95) is a multi-purpose moisturiser for the hands, body and face, and gets its name from its unique method of creation. To make such a beautiful, lightweight cream, STEAMCREAM fuses its ingredients together with a shot of steam (hence the name), which helps to bind the glorious cocoa butter, rose absolute, lavender, neroli, sweet almond oil, orange flower water, jojoba oil, chamomile blue and oatmeal infusion together; keeping a ‘loose’ consistency to help the skin absorb the cream. As you can see, the cream packs some incredible natural ingredients into their adorable limited edition tins, making the formula super nutritious for your skin.

STEAMCREAM makes a fantastic facial moisturiser, which is how I prefer to use the cream. I use a blob the size of my fingertip for my face and neck, and although for my picky skin there’s a risk of even this cream being a little heavy, if I use just a smidge then my face really, really loves it. Using it sparingly, my skin drinks it all up overnight, and I’m always left with a radiant glow in the morning. It’s such a great product for keeping your complexion even, and is perfect for all skin types, but sensitive/combination skin in particular as it helps to regulate the oil production of your skin.

You can of course also use STEAMCREAM for your hands and body, for which it is fantastic, but is still a little heavy for lil’ old me. If you have really dry skin I would 100% recommend this, and it is fab for eczema or psoriasis suffers as the oatmeal infusion contains avenanthramides, which is a type of antibiotic produced by the ingredient which adds to the soothing, anti-inflammatory effect of the cream.

One last thing about this cream that needs a mention is the packaging. You all must know by now that my love of packaging is out of control and costs me a lot of money, but STEAMCREAM is just a whole other story. Each month STEAMCREAM bring out a host of new limited edition tin designs to take your fancy. From florals and star signs all the way to disney designs, there is definitely something for everyone. Just another reason that this wonder product is perfect for gifting. My favourite designs are Shu and Koku (pictured above), but there are a million and one I wish I could get my hands on… I just don’t think I could use the cream quick enough! The aluminium tins are absolutely perfect for re-using once they’re empty though, and I plan to use mine for hair clips and ties!

Have you used STEAMCREAM before? What are your favourite designs?

Introducing STEAMCREAM

I’m lusting after…

There always feels like a never-ending wish list stacking up in my brain… and that’s probably because there is. Beauty blogging always comes with its consequences, reading everyones lovely posts about products they’ve used and love just throws me head first into a world of temptation. Here are some products I’m lusting after this week!

Paul & Joe Face Powder – £28.00

Paul and Joe










Just look at it… it’s so beautiful. I can’t tell if I want this product so much because it’s a combination of my favourite colours or because of the product itself. Who cares!?

BareMinerals Serene Eyeshadow – £14.00











I’ve just started my hunt for make up and fell in love with this lovely nude shade with a touch of sparkle. All of the BareMinerals eyeshadows come out so nicely – definitely one for the wish list!

Pinks Boutique Rose Crystal Bath Soak – £25.00

Bath Soak









I love the sound of this bath soak. Pink Himalayan minerals blended with rose essential oils to assist with skin healing and softening, muscle relaxing and the balance of our skins pH. Yes please.


New Recipe Books!

Green Kitchen








For any of you that missed my post, I’m trying to eat a little better. It can sometimes be tricky knowing where to start and what to eat according to your body, so I’m in desperate need of some inspiration!

I’m lusting after…

Pinks Boutique Bamboo & Oatmeal Facial Polish

Facial PolishI’ve been so excited to share this review with you all since I first tried this product. I discovered Pinks Boutique not so long ago whilst I was visiting Bournemouth to see the gorgeous London Grammar (100% recommend  seeing them live by the way). Me and my Fiance stopped off in the hotel spa for a treatment before heading home, and I noticed the array of lovely Pinks Boutique products on the shelf and got sniffing. The beauty therapist said that she highly recommended them as they’re natural and organic; and have drastically improved the condition of her skin. As if I needed convincing! I got straight on the website and started browsing and was particularly taken by the sound of this facial polish. It is described as ‘a gentle facial scrub, promoting the natural regeneration of skin cells’ which sounded perfect to me. Scrubbing away all the dead skin cells and promoting the regeneration will help to maintain a healthy, radiant glow, so it is important to exfoliate regularly in order to keep your skin clear from impurities. After we got tweeting, Pinks Boutique offered me a sample of the Facial Polish and the Lemongrass & Mandarin Cleanser – needless to say I was overjoyed! So, what do I think?

Where do I even start? I really couldn’t wait to try this product, so as soon as I received it I rushed upstairs and slathered some on. It’s a very rich balm, which is almost a little creamy. At first glance I was worried that it didn’t have any exfoliants in it, but once you start to rub it between your fingertips it becomes apparent that it’s just a very gentle exfoliator with very finely milled sustainably sourced bamboo and oatmeal. These ingredients really get to work and buff away any dirt or grime on your face, whilst the vitamin E enriched shea butter base nourishes and moisturises your skin to leave you with a wonderfully clear, bright and radiant complexion. To use, you simply extract a heaped 5p size blob from the jar, Pinks Boutique suggest that this is done with a spoon/spatula to avoid contamination, however there is not one supplied with the product. I recommend you look into their (super cute and amazing) selection online – you can pick up a gorgeous wooden mini spoon for only £1.80 – much better than the end of a chip shop fork eh? You then rub the product between your fingertips and ‘rain drop’ it onto you skin by fluttering your fingers over your face and then rub it in, concentrating on areas of visible congestion – the nose and chin for example. After this you simply wash off with a muslin cloth, or the Pinks Boutique mitts and hey presto – you look incredible!

Facial PolishImpressed doesn’t quite cut it… I was amazed at the results!  I genuinely could not believe how soft I was after using this product. I was softer than a baby, it was magical. This was just the ultimate reassurance that all of the grossness had been washed away, and I was left completely fresh faced. Although it’s hard, please do your  best not to constantly stroke your face! This will produce excess oils and contaminate your lovely clean skin. The formula is also pro at reducing pore size, which is always an added bonus! Needless to say I 1000000% recommend this product! It is so luxurious and delivers exceptional results. The gorgeous scent almost transports you to a blissful state of calm, giving you the spa style experience you need right at home.

I have also given the Lemongrass and Mandarin cleanser a go and I have to say that I feel really impressed by this too. It’s a wonderful everyday cleanser that is designed especially for oily or combination skin. It is designed to convince your sebaceous glands to calm the heck down and stop producing excess oils, which will help keep your pores clean as a whistle. There has been no tightness, no redness or irritation, just very gentle yet effective cleansing.

It’s safe to say that I’ll be repurchasing this, hopefully along with some of their body range, too! Have you ever tried Pinks Boutique – what are your thoughts?

Pinks Boutique Bamboo & Oatmeal Facial Polish