Dead Sea Spa Magik Duo

Dead Sea Spa MagikI absolutely love trying out new brands (in case you couldn’t tell)! So when I was sent some Dead Sea Spa Magik products I was completely overjoyed as this is a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Although I’m an Islander, I went to a sixth form college on (what we call) the mainland, so I got to go to super exotic shops like Debenhams (seriously, the Island doesn’t have a department store it’s terrible) so needless to say I went shopping in every given opportunity! I was once pulled over by a sales assistant with some Dead Sea Spa Magik salt scrub, who told me and my friend it would make our skin ridiculously soft… we were sold! We tested it out on our hands, and genuinely couldn’t beleive how silky smooth our skin was! Sadly, on our measley weekend job wages we simply didn’t have the funds for the products, and I have never bought any from the brand since, as I don’t think it’s available on Isle.

I was kindly sent quite a few Sea Spa Magik & Spa Find products to try out, but will focus on the Refreshing Bath Shower Gel and Silky Smooth Body Lotion first of all! Read on to hear my thoughts.

Refreshing Bath Shower Gel

Refreshing Bath Shower GelSo, my first thought about this shower gel…. It’s blue!! Definitely something you don’t ever expect whilst using natural cosmetics regularly. I love the fact that this product is multi-purpose – it can be used as a bath foam or shower gel. I’m a shower person, and have been regularly using this product for a couple of weeks now. The benefits listed on the product are: ‘helps to maintain skin’s elasticity and texture, relaxes your body and mind, deeply moisturises and rejuvenates the appearance of skin’ – that’s not far off! I really like the texture of this product, as it is thick and creates a rich, creamy foam, meaning it doesn’t feel drying or ineffective. After using this product your skin does feel moisturised and soft – exactly as desired, so it really does do what it says on the tin. The only thing I’m not so keen on is the smell, and that is a great shame. I absolutely love using products that smell natural and herbal, but although this product has added perfume and flower waters, it still smells a little strange to me, but each to their own! It might smell delicious to you.

It would be an amazing product to keep in the shower for the whole family to use – it comes in a huge bottle (as you can see it’s a 40% extra free product) and will last for ages, which is definitely a perk as it only costs £7.55 for a 350ml bottle from Holland and Barrett.

Silky Smooth Body Lotion

Silky Smooth Body LotionAnyone that knows me or reads my blog regularly will know I don’t get on well with moisturisers of any description. For whatever reason my skin just refuses to absorb pretty much anything, which means I never ever buy any because I’ve just lost hope (cue violins), but this just makes it even better when I get sent some unexpectedly and test it out. I was pretty much astonished when this body lotion sunk in pretty much instantly, and I was able to use it in the day time! I think I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m getting older, and my skin is becoming a little more accepting of moisturising products, but it’s always good to have a revelation such as this!

The body lotion is really really light, but a little thicker than a ‘milk’, which smooths onto my skin effortlessly and sinks in very quickly. It’s perfect to use after your shower with the Refreshing Bath Shower Gel as it just tops off your routine, and keeps your skin ‘Silky Smooth’ as the product claims! I would definitely recommend this product, as it is suitable for all skin types and is paraben free with UVB protection. The reviews on Holland & Barrett say that it makes a fantastic after sun – I’ll definitely be putting this to test in the summer!

Again, this product has been formulated with the potent extracts from the dead sea combined with organic ingredients and no parabens – wonderful! Both products contain ‘Harmonised Water’ which has been de-ionised to remove even the smallest impurities and makes room for the added minerals.

Have you ever used Dead Sea Spa Magik products? I’d love to know your favourites 🙂

Dead Sea Spa Magik Duo

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