Botanic Purity Cleanser by Jennifer Young

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Those of you that saw our Q&A will already know I’m a Jennifer Young fan, and not only of her great mind, but her incredibly unique bespoke skincare products too! I was lucky enough to be treated to my very own Botanic Purity Cleanser* and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Read on to find out more….

As Jennifer explains, she has created a Bespoke Skincare range simply because ‘ok isn’t good enough’. So many times (I’m sure fellow bbloggers can relate) I have bought products that have not met expectations, leaving me feeling a little deflated and still wanting to fill the void! This is where the Bespoke products really come into their element. Whilst it’s not impossible to find a non-bespoke product that is absolutely perfect, these products fill any gaps that anything else of the market simply cannot.

Jennifer YoungYour bespoke skincare journey starts off with a few questions about you and your skin care preferences. Of course age, gender and skin type comes into it, but also questions about your favourite scents and other concerns such as how well you’re sleeping, how energised you feel and so on, which really puts that extra touch of love and care into the products.

So, what did I think of my Cleanser? Love it of course! The great thing about the bespoke products is that the entire process leaves little room for error, making your products a very safe investment. My main day to day skin concern is that my skin is unbalanced. My Botanic Purity cream cleanser gently removes dirt and grime (though if I’m wearing make up I tend to double cleanse) without drying my face out and forcing it to produce excess oils. I’ve noticed that my complexion looks a little more even after cleansing and that redness is generally a little calmer which is amazing! I also chose a scent that would help me remain in a deep sleep through the night, so my cleanser smells softly of lavender and other sleepy scents! To top it all off, all Jennifer Young products have as many organic and natural ingredients as humanly possible, so you can be sure that you’re treating your skin with respect!

Have you ever tried bespoke skincare before? What are your experiences?

Botanic Purity Cleanser by Jennifer Young

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