Rosie’s First Ever Facial

Yeah that’s right, I’ve never ever had a facial before today!

My skin hates me at the moment, all of the Christmas food and stresses of life have left me looking a little worse for wear. With break outs and horrible visible pores, I decided that enough is enough and it’s time for a clear out! I contacted local holistic & beauty therapist Zélie after who runs an amazing little treatment parlour in her back garden, Zélie’s Beauty.

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The 60 minute treatment includes a Cleanse & Tone (Skintruth), followed by a face and shoulder massage with a very fragrant mixture of oils. After this the skin is freshened up with a very, very gentle exfoliator (Green People) with a gorgeous citrus & bergamot scent, which both uplifts and relaxes. It was so nice not to be scratched to death by this product – lots of exfoliators can be very far too abrasive, but this was a creamy texture with tiny exfoliants to simply remove the dead skin cells and refresh your skin! This was followed by a lovely Green People mask, which didn’t burn or freeze my face (miracle?!), and whilst this set I was treated to an amazing complimentary hand massage, which was so relaxing. I tend to hold a lot of tension in my hands, and always have them clenched or gripping each other until my circulation pretty much stops (I’m not crazy I swear), so the hand massage was exactly what I needed to break that cycle. Post face mask my skin was moisturised by another Green People treat, which although came in a large dose, was almost all absorbed by even my skin, which tends to reject most moisturisers. I must admit that a few hours later I’m starting to feel a little oily, but I imagine it would be absolutely fine in smaller doses or used over night.

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Overall, it was a really great experience and I would definitely recommend to a friend! Green People is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while, but have been worried about making the investment, so it was great to be treated to so many different products in one go, to give me a good idea of what the brand is like! I was also treated to a tube of the Green People Blemish Banish product, which is a concealer with spot healing properties – perfect for my skin at the moment. I’ve got to say that I think it does work, my spots weren’t as sore and were much less red after wearing this, and coverage is great. I’m really not keen on the texture… it made my skin feel a little balmy, which is the main reason I don’t wear any make up, as well as this it only comes in one shade! I can’t stand companies that think there is only one shade of skin – it simply is not logical! I wouldn’t recommend this product for people with dark or very fair/porcelain skin tones!

What facials do you treat yourself to? Do you find them an essential part of your routine?

Rosie’s First Ever Facial

Botanic Purity Cleanser by Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young Logo

Those of you that saw our Q&A will already know I’m a Jennifer Young fan, and not only of her great mind, but her incredibly unique bespoke skincare products too! I was lucky enough to be treated to my very own Botanic Purity Cleanser* and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Read on to find out more….

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Botanic Purity Cleanser by Jennifer Young

Green Beauty Swap!

Green Beauty Swap

For those of you that haven’t seen, Christmas 2013 hosted a festive Green Beauty Swap, coordinated by Ria of NatuRiaBeauty and Tania who writes Bow Tied Beauty! Since I’m in my first year of blogging, I thought it would be really great to take part and get to know some fellow bbloggers and their likes & dislikes!

I got paired up with the lovely Ria! I’ve enjoyed getting to know her (and scanning her blog for preferences!) and loved picking gifts for her. It’s not often I tend to gift skincare, simply because it can be so tricky without giving the game away and asking about their skin type, but the Christmas Green Beauty Swap works as a not so secret Santa and you talk about all of these things beforehand!

I must admit that this was the first gift I opened this Christmas – I couldn’t wait! I was soo happy with the contents – there are so many things I will be able to enjoy! I was gifted:

  • Botanicals Chamomile Skin Tonic & Facial Cleanser
  • Cowshed Cow Herb Hand Cream
  • John Masters Organics Shampoo, Detangler, Body Wash & Body Milk
  • Balm Balm Rose Lip Balm
  • Collagen Mask Pack
  • Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil

I can’t wait to try everything out properly! I have given the Botanicals goodies a go, and have had my Cowshed hand cream hanging around today and have been really enjoying everything so far!

Updates to follow!

Green Beauty Swap!

Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company at Christmas!

ImageThose of you that read my Christmas Gift Guide will know I’m a huge fan of natural candles… I think they’re a bit of an unsung hero of the natural product world.

Paraffin wax is a major ingredient in most household candles, scented or not, and is a slimy waste product from the petroleum industry. When burned it produces carcinogenic chemicals, similar to the fumes released from a diesel engine (very relaxing!). It is said to be about as dangerous as second-hand cigarette smoke, and a big contributor to respiratory issues, including asthma. ANYWAY, I don’t wish to scaremonger, but that’s pretty much why I like to buy natural candles made from soy or beeswax with simple, safe fragrances derived from essential oils or something similar.

It just so happens that the Isle of Wight is home to some of the most incredible natural candles around, and it also just so happens that I know the owner of the Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company, Heather! She invited me into her workshop for a candle sniffing session, and told me all about how she makes her candles – Rosie heaven! Without going into too much detail, Heather uses a soy wax base, and works with as many essential oils to fragrance her candles as possible, using other carrier oils and safe ingredients to create a gorgeous balance of scents in her mixed-fragrance candles.

ImageSince it’s Christmas time, I was given a very thorough tour of the festive section of her workshop. Heather has worked hard to create unique festive scents for her candles, which give a much needed breather from the overbearing cinnamon and plasticy sickly sweet berry combination you seem to get in most shops. I chose the Orange, Nutmeg and Clove flavored candle, and it is absolutely divine. Heather explained that she thought it was essential to create a candle represented the ‘food of christmas’ – and this was the combination she chose (what can I say, I love Christmas food!) It has a really rich, but fresh scent all uplifted by some gorgeous orangey high notes and just a hint of nutmeg and spicy clove. Whilst burning it really does smell as though you have something delicious in the oven and creates a gorgeous homely, warm smell – I cannot get enough!

Other scents featuring in the festive collection include fresh fig, sweet roasted chestnut, strudel spice, mulled wine and many more! There is of course an extensive range of other fresh scents that can be enjoyed all year round including Rose Geranium, Tuberose and Hibiscus and my personal favorite, Sweet Lemon.

Isle of Wight Natural Candles come in 3 different sizes. Small candles burn for approximately 19 hours and cost £5.50, medium candles burn for 36 hours and cost £10.50 and large candles burn for 45 hours and cost £13.50 – all are amazing value for money and can be bought online here! There are also special offers regularly, and at the moment you can pick up four small candles for £20, providing a perfect opportunity to try a number of fragrances – it can be hard to narrow down your choice!

Do you light up natural candles too? Tell me about your favourites!

Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company at Christmas!

A Q&A with Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young SkincareSo, you may have heard all about Jennifer’s recent venture on the news over the previous weeks. I was so intrigued by the bespoke skincare idea that I decided to check it out, and found myself in love with the ethos behind Jennifer’s incredible products from the Defiant Beauty range – created especially for those going through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. I was so impressed I decided to email Jennifer to express my enthusiasm for the products and ideas – and we ended up getting talking about a feature on my blog! So here it is, for your viewing pleasure… My Q&A session with Jennifer Young, founder of Jennifer Young Bespoke Skincare and Defiant Beauty!

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A Q&A with Jennifer Young

Liebster Fun Times!


I was kindly presented with the Leibster Award by the lovely ladies over at Unsullied! Not gunna lie, I was a little confused at first, but once I took the time out of my busy flopping around in my PJs schedule and did some reading everything became clear!

The Leibster Award is a tag that’s used for up and coming bloggers to get heard, and to give the bblogging world a little shout out to let everyone know we’re here! I was really excited to be included, so I’ll just get on with it and answer some questions! There are a few rules for consideration first…

One must:

  1. Give a little mention to the blogger(s) that presented you with the Leibster award! Thank you Jennifer and Kathryne from the wonderful Unsullied 🙂
  2. We need to answer the questions from the nominator, list 10 random facts about yourself, and create 10 questions for your nominees. 
  3. Present the Liebster Award to a few other bloggers (who have blogs with 200 followers or less), whom you feel deserve to be noticed. It would make sense to leave a lil’ comment on the blogs letting the authors know they have been chosen! 
  4. Upload the Liebster Award image to your blog!

So, see below for the questions the Unsullied ladies have presented me with, and my answers!

What’s the one “dirty” or not-so-natural product you’ve had a hard time giving up or still can’t live without?

Hmm I’m actually pretty good as far as it goes with skin and body care… I tend to get a bit lazy when it comes to the ‘essentials’ like deoderant and stuff. I hate to say it, but just picking up whatever is on offer at the supermarket generally wins the battle. Plus I tend to run out at not a lot of notice (I’m disorganised basically) so I usually don’t have time to wait for an order! 

What’s your favorite go-to fast breakfast?

I wish I had one! Usually I just plod around the kitchen in a tizz for a good 10 minutes wasting a load of time. For the most part I keep stock of some yogurt that I can just about settle for! I try to keep some relatively low sugar porridge pots in stock, too, or just take a handful of granola to work with me for my yogurt!

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Good question. Am I allowed variations? I’d probably go for pasta or noodles… if I could choose different toppings for every day. If not… my favourite meal has gotta be a Laksa style noodle broth full of veg. That way I at least get some different flavours! I tend to get sick of food pretty quickly though, so I know I wouldn’t last long before hell broke loose.

When do you produce your best blog entries? What time of day/day of week?

As you can tell from this post, it tends to be very late on a Saturday night! I work with computers, so I must confess that the last thing I want to do is spend my evening on my laptop! Currently I do a 9-5 job plus a 6.30 – 8pm slot in the evening, so by the time I’m done it’s pretty much dinner and bed!

What beauty/skincare product do you refuse to leave the house without wearing?Image

I’m sure with most bbloggers it varies as I’m always trying different stuff. I absolutely hate wearing make up, and through the summer usually won’t use a moisturiser, so I’m usually bare faced. At the moment my favourite product would have to be HealGel Face – it’s a super light moisturiser that has a healing element (it was formulated by some amazing cosmetic surgeons and biochemists) so it’s great for keeping on top of blemish scarring. I have such problem skin at the moment, which scars really easily so HealGel is my holy grail right now!

What’s your favorite season and why?

It’s gotta be Winter! I absolutely love being cosy, and I hate being too hot. Summer is great an’ all, although 2013 was probably the only summer I’ve enjoyed to date, but nothing can beat the romantic Wintery season. Also it’s sort of awkward, but I hate my body and always feel the need to cover up – and in Winter I don’t attract critics or people saying ‘oh you must be so hot wearing leggings/whatever’ which just makes me feel even more self conscious! In Winter I can wrap up with no questions asked – bliss!

What brand do you spend the most money on – be it natural beauty products, clothes, etc.?

Liz Earle, hands down. I was in there today in fact (out of control!) I buy most skin/haircare from there. It’s a super iconic Island company, and I love the smell of their products and the sense of luxury that accompanies it. If you haven’t tried anything from there, I suggest you give the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser a go – you pretty much can’t go wrong. It’d legendary within the skincare world… quite rightfully!

What are you top three go-to blogs for green beauty and natural living?

I’m not sure I have a ‘top 3’ as such, but a few that come to mind at the moment are Rosewode, Bare Faced Chic and NatuRiaBeauty – they’re all great names and definitely worth a read.

What’s been your greatest fitness accomplishment? (no feat is too small!)

Bloody hell, what a question! Hmm, I’ve always always hated the way I look and have struggled with my weight. 2 years ago I gained 20 kilos in 8 months, and went from a size 6 to 16 in what seemed like overnight. I was just shocked and mortified, I couldn’t control it and I had no idea what caused it. I then got diagnosed with PCOS. I was prescribed a subsidised gym membership by my GP, and for ages it wasn’t making any difference except making me miserable and intimidated. I then read up on my illness, and the recommended type of exercise was slow pace in short bursts, but regularly. Once I changed my routine I started to notice a difference. So my biggest achievement fitness/wellness wise was simply listening to my body!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What turns you on?!

I genuinely have no idea! I’d probably say an overwhelming sense of guilt if I didn’t go to work!!!! Though, things have been more positive since starting my own little venture and going self employed after my recent redundancy. Being in control with my work life is exactly what I needed after a tragic and futile employment! I guess growing myself and constantly learning new skills gets me up in the morning.


10 Random Rosie Facts

  1. I pretty much only listen to Hip Hop music and usually rap along in my car
  2. I only passed my driving test 2 months ago!
  3. I used to work for a company that recently made global news for it’s dramatic crash and burn!
  4. I’m a fiancee 🙂
  5. Me and said fiance are planning our first holiday abroad together for my birthday!
  6. I’m off to see London Grammar in February and I’m totally excited
  7. I’m not sure I could ever drive on the ‘main land’ (it’s what us Island folk call the rest of the UK…) because I’m way too scared!
  8. I doubt I’ll ever move off-Island
  9. I HATE photos of myself so much that when I was little I burnt a load of my mums photos with me in them! (And now I feel totally bad of course, these were the days before the Internet!)
  10. Elf is my favourite move of all time (Yes I am that sad!)


My Nominees Are:

Jen’s Green Skincare

Fern + Moss

Lass and Lipstick


And your questions are:

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What is your ‘go to’ product for your skin type?
  3. What is the most expensive skincare product you ever bought?
  4. Do you believe a healthy lifestyle is essential to have healthy skin?
  5. What’s your favourite recipe?
  6. What products do you use when you just can’t be bothered to do the full skincare regime?
  7. Do you think it’s important to live a green, sustainable life to support your use of organic/natural skincare products?
  8. What miniature products do you pack when you go on holiday?
  9. What products are on your wish list right now?
  10. Would you ever consider writing sponsored posts?
Liebster Fun Times!

Botanic Purity Christmas Gift Guide

ImageWelcome to my very first Christmas Gift Guide! I know that this time of year can be stressful, rushy and unpleasant for some, but Christmas Shopping is actually one of my favourite parts of the festive season – it just fills me with joy and anyone knows that I simply can’t resist the amount of cute packaging on offer, but for this guide I’ve had to think INSIDE the box and consider the contents of the package. I’ve hand picked some of my favourite gifts for him, her and the home covering a range of budgets – I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Botanic Purity Christmas Gift Guide